Bespoke consulting for individuals and private residences, enhancing clients and their households. For more information about these services, please contact me directly to discuss your requirements.

Lifestyle Consulting

A tailored service to enable clients to enhance their lifestyle and to provide them with knowledge and confidence for communicating across cultures in the most distinguished manner possible. This demands an understanding of the intricacies and behaviours expected in formal and informal situations internationally. By providing the client with a service that is uniquely designed for them according to their personal lifestyle, a tailored coaching and training is developed. As no two clients or two households are the same, these tailor made solutions offer the execution of training/coaching/consulting uniquely presented for each client.

*A 100% tailored experience is guaranteed for every client and the client list is strictly confidential.

Private Staff Training

Customized training in familiar surroundings at your own residence is the best way to achieve professional results. Training programs will be developed to accommodate the culture and lifestyle of the household(s) and may include:

Managing household inventories

Fine dining service

Formal table settings

Precedence rules for seating guests at formal dinners

Precedence rules for service at formal dinners

Receiving guests and preparing receiving lines

Hosting other events at home (cocktail party, cocktail diñatoire, buffet)