About The Etiquette consultant

Julia Esteve Boyd

Julia has had the privilege of teaching, training and working with members of royal families, politicians, the military and business people from all over the world. As a result she has been exposed to many wonderful cultural diversities. It is her wish to share the importance of understanding cultural differences when we travel, when we work and even when we dine. 

A former teacher at the prestigious Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Switzerland, the finest finishing school in the world, she taught a variety of subjects such as Etiquette, International Savoir-Vivre, Fine Dining, Table Service and Household Management. She consulted on the recruitment of highly trained household staff for private residences and has trained individuals from throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. 

Her background in Hospitality has spanned 20 years, during which time she lived in several countries. Her hospitality career started with British Airways in the UK, and she continued to broaden her experience as a Food & Beverage Manager and Hotel Manager for boutique hotels in Europe. Subsequently she decided to bring her professional experience to the academic world and now continues to consult with clients internationally. 

Julia is a double graduate of the Protocol School of Washington, where she was certified as an International Etiquette Consultant and a Protocol Officer. Her educational background also includes Special Events Management at New York University, Image Consulting, Bridal Consulting & Wedding Planning at the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC and a Swiss Hospitality Post Graduate from HIM, Switzerland.

By using a customized approach Julia adapts her training and coaching services for anyone wishing to distinguish themselves, their business or their lifestyle. 



  • "The class has been a great help and is absolutely wonderful"

  • "Thank you for helping me to prepare for my internship interview, I got the job!!"

  • "Thank you so much for the knowledge you gave me, it is really useful in organizing my home. The butler we interviewed together is arriving this month!"

  • "I think everyone should have this workshop! "

  • "Very enjoyable and I have developed myself. Julia has helped me build character and knowledge of what to say and how to act..."

  • "...brilliant, she is caring and understanding..."

  • "Absolutely wonderful, very interesting and entertaining."

  • "Brilliantly presented and enthusiastic…"

  • "She taught us how to present ourselves in a more positive way! "