Finishing Touches workshops and private coaching sessions are designed for MTF* transgender clients. Femininity is more than just image. It's also about speech, body language, mannerisms, attitude and much more. Covering many areas of female behaviour including feminine gestures, walking gracefully in heels and understanding your body type, clients will learn to improve their overall image and increase their confidence. 

Sessions are offered in a supportive environment exclusively at the London Transgender Clinic  the only Clinic in the UK providing a full range of Gender Affirming surgery and services under the care of leading Transgender Surgeon Dr Christopher Inglefield

*Only Private sessions are available for FTM clients


Transforming Body Language

You might not be able to change your height, the overall shape of your body, or the size of your hands, but the good news is that you have control over your body movements. Learning to slowly integrate gender appropriate body language can help you transition and will make you feel more comfortable and confident.


Getting into and out of a car, walking in heels, walking in heels upstairs, walking in heels downstairs, sitting, dancing... there are so many different ways our deportment can give a signal. So it’s about finding a way of being natural and graceful so you can give the signal that you want to give.

Personal Image & Style

This is not Image Consulting, rather this is tying everything together. You will discover how to understand your body type and how to dress it and you will learn about using colours to flatter your body type. There’s more than one way to be female. Personal Image & Style sessions will help you find your own personal flair and finesse.

Dining Etiquette

Overlooked by so many people, yet we all judge others when they eat. The basic rules of dining etiquette are mostly the same for men as they are for women but there are differences that can be useful to know. We will assess the differences between male and female common courtesies and you may have to unlearn certain habits or manners!

About the sessions

Whether you prefer Private Coaching or Group Workshops, the sessions will be very similar. They will be highly interactive. You will receive a questionnaire/self evaluation form before the session which you will need to complete and return.

Workshops are limited to a max of 10 – allowing for just enough interaction with others and enough personal attention. During sessions you can evaluation, critique and praise one another while actively practicing.

Private coaching is entirely bespoke for you. Certain activities will be recorded so that together we can evaluate, critique and praise in the same way as the Workshops.

You will leave the sessions with homework exercises to practice on a regular basis (for example - practicing your movements and gestures in front of a mirror) and follow up sessions can be arranged as necessary.

Some changes of mannerisms are automatic once you are living in your new gender role. Others I can help you with.