Image & Style

For ladies, a 3 hour practical tutorial covering essential elementsto help you make positive first and lasting impressions including:

  • Personal image, style and color
  • Deciphering dress codes
  • Posture, deportment and elegant body language
  • Social tips & tricks

Formal Hostessing & Entertaining

For ladies, a 3 hour practical tutorial how to be a successful, well prepared and confident hostess at home including:

  • Formal table setting variations
  • Precedence at the table
  • Serving precedence
  • Cocktail party etiquette

Dining Etiquette

A 3 hour practical dining etiquette tutorial, which takes place during a formal lunch and covers all areas of the formal dining experience including:

  • Navigating formal table settings
  • Correct usage of silverware and glassware
  • Precedence at the table 
  • Finger foods and tricky foods
  • How to give and receive toasts
  • Cultural variations