Across cultures and within cultures we judge one another based on our behaviour. Whether it be through eating, entertaining, appearance, posture or even a handshake, others will judge your education, background and intelligence.

Social etiquette in the real world is not about learning to curtsey (unless you have a Royal appointment), rather it is about improving your social graces to be the best version of yourself in any situation and having a sensitive awareness of others. Learning how to correctly use one's napkin is of course important, however what is important is learning to adapt your manners and be able to interact at any point of time or situation, to have a precise understanding of the effect of your actions upon others who may be of different cultures.

formal dining

A 4 hour practical session, which takes place during a formal lunch and covers all areas of the formal dining experience including:

Navigating formal table settings

Correct usage of silverware and glassware

Precedence at the table

Finger foods and tricky foods

How to give and receive toasts

Cultural variations

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

A 1h30 practical session, which takes place during a formal afternoon tea and covers the rituals of a traditional British Tea experience including: History of Afternoon Tea

Social do’s and don’ts

How to host

Tea variations

Formal Hosting & Entertaining

A 3 hour practical session on how to be a successful, well prepared and confident host at home (with or without staff) including:

Formal table setting variations

Precedence at the table

Serving precedence for VIP’s

Ladies Etiquette

This 3 hour or full day bespoke session will be prepared according to preferences.


Body Language

Image & Colour

Dining Etiquette