Business Etiquette Survival

Tune into my first ever podcast interview with Michael Costello the Managing Director of Workplace Evolution and Chartered Business Psychologist based in Lancaster, UK . We’re discussing big mistakes that individuals and businesses can make, especially when communicating across cultures. Click here to listen.

Understand what business and social etiquette actually is as well as why it is becoming a more critical way to differentiate for businesses - a new way to "outclass the competition". The discussion covers unusual topics such as big mistakes in Japan, the importance of patience in Mexico, ordering food correctly in India, surviving gift giving and dining in China, world class handshakes and… did Michelle Obama get it wrong with the Queen?!

Also, how much it pays to do your research up front before travelling to different cultures…and not forgetting the importance of being flexible to different cultural preferences!


Julia Esteve

The Etiquette Consultant